Boiler servicing 

Getting your boiler serviced 

  Even the most reliable boiler on the market needs some love.

Welcome to my 5-minute guide to boiler servicing 

How Much Does A Boiler Service Cost?  

A boiler standard service will cost £65 including vat and that includes cleaning out a magnetic system filter (if fitted). Your service package will include a full inspection as well as flue gas tests. However, if there are problems with your boiler, the cost of parts and labour to fix your boiler won’t be included in the price.

How Often Should I Have My Boiler Serviced?   

We recommend getting your boiler serviced every 12 months. In fact, most boiler manufacturers won’t honour their warranty unless your boiler has been serviced by a Gas Safe Engineer every 12 months.

So, if you’ve got a reasonably new boiler, you’ll want to ensure not only that you get a regular service and a certificate or a entry in the service book.

Magnetic System Filter   

Clean any magnetic filter and add extra central heating inhibitor if required.

Scale Reducer   

Finally, check any scale inhibitor to see if it requires topping up with chemicals or changing for a new one.

To Book your Gas Boiler Service fill in the form in the form in the Boiler servicing calendar tab.

We generally service and repair on Mondays and Thursdays.

Tuesday and Wednesday are reserved for installation work.

Friday morning is reserved for paperwork.